Lunch at Sun Huat Kee

The saying 'like father, like son' aptly describes my dad and I when referring to our cravings for certain types of food. We both have cravings for certain types of food and cuisine at different hours of the day. Last Saturday lunch, we went to satisfy my dad's craving for WonTon Noodles.

When you mention the above dish to him, the first thing that comes to my father's mind is Restaurant Sun Huat Kee, located right next to Dominos along Lorong Ara Kiri 2 in Lucky Gardens, Bangsar. He claims the restaurant to have one of the best Won Ton Noodles in Kuala Lumpur, and I agree with him completely.

The restaurant occupies two floors, with numerous stalls serving a variety of dishes. It is often very packed in the afternoon and most stalls are nearly empty by the end of lunch hour - so if you want your food, come quickly.

My dad ordered his usual - Dry Won Ton Noodles, which comes with a separate bowl of wontons in soup. The noodles were cooked well throughout and there was just the right amount of sauce present. The sauce added flavor to the noodles but did not overpower the dish and its ingredients.

My mother ordered the Wet Won Ton Noodles, whereby the same noodles and soup were served, but mixed together rather than kept separate. Though the soup was a bit salty and the wontons a bit soft, the flavors of the char siew and vegetables were not overpowered. The only complaint I had, was that there was not much char siew served.

I on the other hand, decided to break away from the status quo, and ordered the Ipoh Curry Noodles for myself. This dish, very similar from the Laksa Lemak I had at Sri Melaka, contained a coconut based curry sauce - which was tasted light and not too spicy. Be warned however, too much of this will make you sick in the stomach.

The standard dish comes with steamed white chicken, grilled aubergine, green beans, bean sprouts and yellow noodles. If desired, you could pay extra and add other things inside. I did just that, adding foo chock to my curry noodles. The chicken was nice and tender, and the vegetables were nice and crisp - with the noodles, cooked well throughout.

On the whole, I would highly recommend these choices to you - if ever you are in Bangsar with a craving for WonTon or Curry Noodles. Both dishes are priced incredibly reasonably, and taste great. Bear in mind, however, to come early in order to get a place for yourself - or you might find yourselves waiting for a very long time.

Presentation: 2/10

Ambiance: 3/10

Service: 4/10

Overall Taste: 7/10

General Impression: 6/10





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