HotCakes at McDonalds

It was an early morning for me, and I decided to walk on down over to McDonalds in Bangsar and grab some breakfast to start off the day. The McDonalds in Bangsar, is the first shop lot upon turning into Jalan Telawi 5, right opposite Maybank.

I have a tendency to always order the Big Breakfast when having breakfast at McDonalds. This time round however, seeing as I was not incredibly hungry, I decided to try their HotCakes on the McSavers menu worth RM4.50. The deal includes your choice of coffee or tea, both of which are re-fillable. I opted to have tea.

The hotcakes are served with butter and maple syrup. Upon tasting the hotcakes, my mind was truly blown. They were warm,fluffy and mildly sweet, a replica of the perfect pancake. The maple syrup however, seemed to be processed and therefore too sweet for my liking. The butter was on the extreme end of the spectrum, being incredibly salty in taste.

On the whole, I would actually recommend this dish if you drop by McDonalds for breakfast, rating it even better than the Big Breakfast, the Sausage McMuffin and that with egg. Be warned however, and don't make the same mistake I made, dumping all the sauce and butter on it. It all became way too much for me.

Presentation: 2/10

Ambience: 3/10

Service: 6/10

Overall Taste: 6/10

General Impression: 6/10





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