Burgers Galore @ Tony Roma's

In the midst of my mock exams my sister, cousin and I had lunch at Tony Roma's in conjunction with my cousin's birthday. Though there are many branches throughout Kuala Lumpur, this particular branch was located on the Ground Floor of 1Mont Kiara Mall along Jalan Mont Kiara.

Each of us ordered from the Set Lunch Menu, which consisted of various different options to choose from along with different prices. Each of these options came with a soup and drink of our choice, and each one of us opted for burgers, which, in the end became burgers galore for all!

The soup that came with each of our sets were somewhat comforting, despite being simple and subtle in flavour. The Beef and Onion Soup consisted of scrap pieces of beef, with onions in a broth. We were also served Bread with Garlic Butter - nothing extraordinary, but still good nonetheless.

I ordered myself the Bistro Burger worth RM24. This burger was of an extremely large portion, and my patty was served medium-rare. Cooked perfectly, the patty had an abundance of juice and exploded in flavour. The cheese and caramelised onions were a good accompaniment, though I couldn't taste the pesto which was supposedly in there.

My cousin ordered herself the Roma Burger worth RM23. This burger, though similar to the Bistro Burger, was seen as a more healthier alternative. The lettuce and onions provide a nice crunch to the burger, though nothing beats the caramelised onions on mine, in my opinion.

My sister ordered herself the Chicken, Swiss and Beef Bacon Sandwich worth RM23. Though a simple combination, the sandwich (though not technically a burger) was a pleasure to eat, though I felt that the chicken was slightly overcooked. The dish also came with honey-mustard sauce which was perfect to eat with the fries.

As a drink, we had ordered Coke Light and Iced Lemon Tea, both of which were bottomless.

And to top it all off, my cousin received a complementary treat from the accommodating staff, as well as a serenade. The treat was a simple, but indulgent Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, and though it was brought a martini glass - we all had to help her finish it.

In conclusion, Tony Roma's serves satisfactory burgers. They are a lot better than the ones served at McDonalds across the road, though they definitely can't beat the daily grind when it comes to originality and quality. I recommend that you try their lunch sets, however, as they are of value for money.

Presentation: 4/10

Ambiance: 5/10

Service: 8/10

Overall Taste: 7/10

General Impression: 6/10