Going Yellow for Bersih

The 9th of July 2011 will be a great day for Malaysia. It will be a day where Malaysians, at home and around the world, will stand for justice, transparency and reform. It will be a day where we will cry out to change our country for the better

I love my this country, and I am blessed to have been born a Malaysian. And as a Malaysian, I will not allow my country to go to waste - for myself and my 28 million brothers and sisters whom I share this country with. Hence, though too young to vote just yet, I stand in solidarity with:

Bersih 2.0


Revisiting il Lido

I paid my second visit to Il Lido last week, to try their set lunch which I love. The lunch, priced at RM50, includes full-sized appetisers, main and dessert courses - as well as Coffee and Petit Fours. They also offer a considerable amount of variety to choose from. You can check out my first review of il Lido here.

All diners are served complementary Amuse Bouche before beginning their culinary experience. We were served Seared Tuna with Caviar. The juicy tuna was medium-rare, and the sharp saltiness of the caviar gave the dish a nice twist.

A huge mistake I made was filling up on the free Focaccia Bread they were offering. The bread, good enough to eat on its own, would be easy for anyone to fill up on. Hidden in the bread are sweet onions, and when eaten with balsamic and olive oil - they provide for a perfect combination.

One of the appetisers we had was the Beef Carpaccio. The beef was drizzled with sweet balsamic and topped with pecorino cheese and rocket leaves, providing the ideal balance between sweet, salty and fresh.

Another appetiser we chose was the Minestrone Soup. The soup contained an abundance of vegetables such as onions, carrot and celery. The broth, which was infused with pesto, softened the vegetables and the dish served as perfect comfort food for us.

One of our main dishes included Pan-Seared Seabass on Eggplant Caviar. The portion of fish was huge, and the crisp skin of the fish as well as the flaky-but-firm flesh was mouthwatering. The smooth eggplant caviar was comfort food at its finest.

The other main course we had was Fettucine with Smoked Salmon. The pasta was perfectly al-dente, and the simple, mallow-flavoured sauce did not overpower the chunky pieces of smoked salmon - which they were really generous with. Both main courses were full-sized portions.

For dessert, we were served Panna Cota with a Berry Coulis. The smooth, silky, vanilla-flavoured panna cotta and the berry coulis were a simple, but satisfying marriage. The portions were very big, and we struggled to finish it in the end.

The set also includes a coffee of your choice. We had both a Cappuccino and Latte. The coffee was full of flavour and had a strong body. Incredibly aromatic. To indulge, we were also given petit fours, which were the same as what I was served when I previously visited - Almond Biscuits, Milk and Dark Chocolates.

In conclusion, il Lido has definitely impressed me yet again with their mouthwatering pieces of art, their wonderful service, their amazing value-for-money set lunch which was filled with so much variety to chose from. For good food at a great price, il Lido is certainly a place you have to check out.

Presentation: 9/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Overall Taste: 9/10

General Impression: 10/10 - In love with this freaking place