India - Day 4


Breakfast consisted of my grand-aunt's Ghee Thosai, freshly made and made with love. I had four of these, because they were simply so delicious. The crispness of the thosai, the combination of it with the Onion and Tomato Chutneys and the subtle flavor of the ghee (Indian butter), was out of this world.

Of course, what would breakfast be without the sweet Indian Mangoes and a cup of Coffee? Truly, I ate and drank to my hearts content. Never-mind the fat and all…a breakfast like this comes once in a blue moon.


For lunch, I experienced Pondicherry cafe culture at Le Cafe. Please Read the review HERE.


For dinner, we had dinner at Carte Blanche, a quaint French restaurant in Pondicherry. Please read the review HERE.