Desserts at Alexis

Alexis is well known for their desserts, and we decided to try a few after having had a dinner with some family friends. We visited their BSC branch, which is located on the 1st floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre, right next to Busaba.

It was unfortunate that there were no slices of the mixed berries meringue available, but heck - I guess trying other cakes didn't seem that bad an idea. Lets face it, always good to break away from the norms every once in awhile.

The Black and White Chocolate Cake was a descent choice, though I personally felt that the cake was nothing out of this world. I felt it was a bit too dry and maybe a bit too one-dimensional.

The Tiramisu with strawberry coulis, however, is something not to be missed. Personally, I ate very little of it as I am not a fan of nuts - however having been the first cake to have been finished, it was safe to say that the cake remained a hit with the rest. The caramelized nuts provide a good crunch, whilst shards of chocolate within the cake and the strawberry coulis provide a nice sweet and tart contrast.

We ordered an Apple Pie a la mode as well. The apples were perfectly cooked with a hint of cinnamon - they maintained their crunch very well. The crust was a bit too hard, though pairing it with the ice cream compensated for that 'crusty' hiccup.

All in all, Alexis remains a great place for dessert and a popular choice for many. Though the quality of their deserts tend to remain inconsistent, it is safe to say that you will leave satisfied - at the very least. 

Presentation: 6/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Overall Taste: 6.5/10

General Impression: 7/10





Casual Italian at Garibar

Garibar is a part of Garibaldi, one of Bangsar's most renowned Italian establishments. We paid the place a lunchtime visit as we were in the mood for some Italian fare

Garibar is located below Garibaldi, in Bangsar Village along Jalan Telawi 1, and offers good Italian food but without the formality that the restaurant upstairs provides. 

The Calamari Fritti worth RM22 kept us munching, as we awaited our main courses. Lovely tender squid with a thin, crisp layer of batter over it - served with a lovely tomato puree.

The Linguine Funghi priced at RM30 was also a good option, as the al dente pasta together with the light cream-based sauce accompanied the mushrooms very well. The dish was rather light on our stomachs.

The Gamberi e Rucola Pizza worth RM39 was well worth the price, as it came loaded with succulent prawns. The rocket leaves added a nice touch of freshness to the cheesy pizza. I loved the pizza base too, crispy and not too thick.

The Cesare con Salmone worth RM29 is a perfect side dish to have with your mains. Good to see they were abundant with their salmon and croutons (which for me, is always a good thing). It could have done with some freshly grated parmesan though

As we were almost full to the brim, we decided to order a Pavet di Cioccolato worth RM18 for dessert. The moist warm cake was heavenly, and suited perfectly with the vanilla sauce. Although, a vanilla gelato would have been an ideal choice.

If you intend on tasting some good Italian fair but without all the formality, head on over to Garibar and give it a try, the next time you pop by Bangsar.

Presentation: 7/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Service: 6/10

Overall Taste: 8/10

General Impression: 7.5/10





Revisit to F Buffalo Kitchens

'F' by Buffalo Kitchens has undoubtedly managed to make its mark in Bangsar's culinary scene. It has been some time now, since we last visited - and indeed, plenty had changed.

The dining area and open kitchen indeed helped create a lively, yet sleek atmosphere for the diners. 'F' by Buffalo Kitchens, is situated right above Chawan on Jalan Telawi 3, in Bangar Baru.

We were given some Bread with a Balsamic and Olive Oil dip. The bread tasted rather stale, and surprisingly cold. Not the best first impression to give a customer, if you ask me.

A soup is a must-order, whenever I dine with mum, and the Wild Mushroom Soup worth RM14 was our choice for the night. The truffle oil gave it a great underlying flavour, yet it lacked some salt and should have been thicker in texture.

The Vietnamese Squid Salad, worth RM16 was hardly Vietnamese at all. Nonetheless, the squid was well cooked and in abundance. The dressing it came with with, albeit too much, tasted great.

We then ordered a Chicken Mash Roulade, worth RM28. At face value, the dish looked hardly appealing. However one mustn't judge a book by its cover, because it tasted great!

The chicken, although overcooked, contained smooth mashed potato within. The real highlight was the curry cream sauce which it was laced with. Smooth, and infused with turmeric.

Our dessert was a slice of Cherry Cheese Cake. For RM12, the slice that we had was incredibly small. Smooth nonetheless, though incredibly small. Not worth it, if you ask me.

Their Coffee there, however, is absolutely top-notch. As the place specialises in making coffee - I can assure you that they pull great espressos and make great coffee-related drinks.

If you are willing to climb the steep flight of stairs, then 'F' by Buffalo Kitchens offers food of an average standard. Their quality, however, has definitely decreased compared to our last visit, which is a pity.

Presentation: 6/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 6/10

Overall Taste: 6/10

General Impression: 6/10




Breakfast at Fauchon

After months of idleness, I'm finally back. This post is regarding breakfast I had at Fauchon, a French establishment founded in 1886, known for their smoked salmon, macarons, chocolates and caviar - among other things.

Located on the Mezzanine Level of KLIA's Satellite Building, the establishment is a small one in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the airport. However, with that being said, its black and pink decor allows it to stand out from the rest.

Being one of the few establishments opened in the wee hours of the morning, I decided to try their breakfast, at a hefty price of RM48. Breakfast came with two pastries, butter and jam, a poached egg, some salad leaves, coffee and juice.

My cup of Brewed Coffee at Fauchon was truly pleasurable, as their nice strong brew awoken my mind and senses after having traveled throughout the night. A great brew to wake up any jet-lagged traveler.

Their juice, however, tasted average. I simply could not distinguish between a glass of Orange Juice at Fauchon to a bottle of Tropicana with orange pulp. I was a bit taken aback at the amount of ice present as well. I'd have expected much less. 

The pastries were very good. The croissant had a lovely flakey exterior and a fluffy interior - I dare not imagine the amount of butter used to have made it. The pastry was also very good, with a generous amount of what seemed to be vanilla custard. However, when you take into account the price of it all, some pastries at Delifrance could have left me just as satisfied.

The poached egg, however, was an absolute disappointment. I could still taste a hint of vinegar and the yolk at the centre was overcooked. I was sorely disappointed, but was too tired to complain.

Though the food was somewhat of a let-down, I must say that the service was absolutely impeccable, with very attentive staff who were very patient with me - having noticed my visibly frustrated face.

I guess, what you pay for when you order this expensive meal, was the small bottle of jam that came with it. It was good apricot jam, however not good enough to warrant the price that came with the breakfast. I suggest stay clear of breakfast at Fauchon, although do drop by for a coffee if you wish to awaken your sluggish selves.

Presentation: 5/10



Overall Taste: 5/10

General Impression: 4/10