Italian Fine Dining @ il Lido

Apologies for the poor quality of photographs, as these photos were taken using my BlackBerry phone.

Being a true connoisseur of food, my cousin was keen on trying out some of KL's most talked about places. I've been told my many people of the wonder that was supposedly il Lido, and both of us decided to put that claim to the test.

iL Lido is a gourmet Italian restaurant originating from Singapore, strategically located right opposite the Australian Embassy, along Jalan Mayang off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. The courteous waiters brought us to our table, helped us order and had were very knowledgable of their extensive menu and wine list.

The complementary home-made Focaccia Bread was good enough to be eaten on its own, and it just kept on coming and coming. It was hard not to stuff ourselves with it because it was really good. The soft bread contained pieces of sweet onion, and had a crispy crust. With our meal, we had a bottle of sparkling water.

Each guest dining is served a complementary Amouse Bouche, which varies from day to day. We had Crusted Parmasean with Arabiatta Sauce. The stringy cheese was enclosed in a crisp crust, complemented wonderfully by the Arabiatta Sauce, which contained a hint of pesto.

My cousin ordered the Squid-ink Tonnarelli with Spicy Crab and Tarragon Foam worth RM 55. The pasta was perfectly al-dente and the spiciness of the chillies gave warmth to the palate. The pieces of crab were in abundance, though it didn't taste like crab at all - more like chicken. I am not a fan of tarragon, but my cousin is, and she loved the dish.

We both ordered the Sardinian Suckling Pig worth RM 85, to share. This dish was truly divine, with reasonably sized pieces of pork, roasted to perfection. The skin, crisp. The meat, tender. The pork laid on a slice of potato, and was accompanied with amazing onions, roasted in honey.

I ordered the Set Lunch Menu, worth RM 50. This set consisted of a choice of an appetiser or soup, a main course, a dessert, some Petite -Fours with a cup coffee or tea, made the way you like it. Each course was served in its normal size, as if ordered from the menu itself.

I opted for the starter of the day, which was the Crab Salad, topped with Jelly, on an Avocado Bisque. The crab salad was fresh in flavour and texture, though it had an evident fishy smell, as well as a hidden crab shell in it. The tangy bisque, if eaten in right amounts, accompanied the crab very well. Though at times, it overpowered the subtleness of the crab.

Out of a choice of 3 main courses, I opted for the Tagiatelle with Pork Belly and Shallots. This huge portion filled me up, and was comfort food at its finest. The simple pasta dish was flavoured by nothing, except the Saltiness of the Pancetta and Pecorino Cheese, and the sweetness of the shallots. A few pieces of the tagiatelle, however, were undercooked.

My dessert for the day was a classic Tiramisu. The Italian classic looked spectacular, though it was such a small portion! The berries complemented the dish well, and I made sure that I finished every single bit of it up, even though I was quite full.

I had a Cappuccino for my choice of coffee, which became one of the most amazing coffees I've tasted to date. The milk and foam were rich, and the body of the coffee was bold, without being overly acidic. What a lovely smell it had too!

The Petit Fours consisted of an Italian Biscuit, which had a strong almond flavour and was slightly stale, a piece of seemingly average White Chocolate with Nuts in them, and a luscious piece of Dark Chocolate covered in Shredded Coconut.

iL Lido certainly proved us right, and I personally felt that their Set Lunch was somewhat of a hidden gastronomic deal that would definitely bring me back once again. I highly recommend you try this establishment if you're contemplating on fine Italian dining.

Presentation: 9/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Overall Taste: 8/10

General Impression: 9/10





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