Ipoh's Curry Noodles @ Jalan Labrooy

Whenever I visit my father's hometown of Ipoh, I make it a point pay homage to a Curry Noodles stall. This curry noodles stall was introduced to me by my cousin, who certainly knew what she was talking about when she labelled this quaint establishment as serving the best curry noodles she'd ever tasted.

The stall, previously located at Merdeka Gardens, is now located along Jalan Labrooy, opposite shop-lots at the entrance to Taman Pari. There are a few people here who sell curry noodles, however according to my cousin - only the old Chinese uncle gets it right, all the time. He opens at 8pm and finishes at 3am everyday. So if you intend on going there - hold your appetite and keep watch for him.

When ordering, you are given a bowl, in which you place the filling that you choose. There are a variety of fillings on offer, such as radish, foo chok (fried soy sheets), fish-cakes and other crispy, flavourful delicacies.

You then choose the respective noodles that you like. There are three options - thin rice noodles, yellow egg-based noodles and thicker rice-cake strips (more commonly known as kway teo noodles). You can eat your selection with a coconut-based curry sauce, or a clear broth. It is, however, the curry sauce that has kept my cousin coming back for more.

After paying for our meal, we returned to my uncle's place to feast. The intense spiciness of the curry sauce turned into somewhat of a pleasure to me. The curry contained enough flavour, though not too much as to overpower the ingredients. I finished the bowl and drank the sauce until there was nothing left.

If you find yourself in Ipoh, I highly recommend that you head on over to this hidden gem that serves this wonderfully rich and spicy Malaysian delicacy. Screw any health concerns that you might have, and indulge - as it isn't everyday that you'll have the opportunity to try curry noodles this good.

Presentation: 2/10

Ambiance: 3/10

Service: 3/10

Overall Taste: 8/10

General Impression: 8/10





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