La Cuisine's Beef Mushroom

This post is indeed a BrianandBlogger first. I have seen many bloggers who review restaurants, but rarely have I seen one review food products - like premixes you find at supermarkets. I have a belief that anything edible can be reviewed by a food bloggers, thus I give you my first ever review of a food product, La Cuisine's Beef Mushroom, worth RM 17.

La Cuisine is a brand of ready-made, frozen French food. It can be found in the Non-Halal section of Village Grocer, Bangsar Village. There are many ready-made dishes that La Cuisine has to offer, such as Ratatouille and Creme Brulee. I had chosen Beef Mushroom - which is essentially Beef and Mushrooms in a roux based brown sauce.

La Cuisine's Beef Mushroom can be eaten with potatoes, rice, bread and even on its own - as a stew. All you simply need to do, is to empty the contents and heat it up in a pan. I decided to cook it with pasta. What I essentially did was had some spaghetti boiled in slightly salted water, drained and kept aside in the bowl.

When boiling spaghetti, always remember to keep some of the water remaining in the bowl after straining the pasta, to prevent the spaghetti from clumping together.

Then, I had cut some slices of green capsicum and onions, and pounded some garlic. I sauteed the onions, garlic and capsicum in olive oil, until the onions turned soft and the garlic turned golden-brown. This was done in order to flavor and add colour to the dish.

After that, I emptied about a third of the La Cuisine's Beef Mushroom into the pan and heated it up. There was plenty of contents, with more beef than mushrooms - though the slices of beef were quite large for consumption. Do not worry about adding water to make the sauce more runny, as the contents become more runny when heated.

Then finally, I added the spaghetti into the pan and mixed everything up together - after which I placed the contents of the pan into a bowl, and drizzled olive oil on top. Then, for more flavor, I sprinkled some dill and topped the dish off with grated parmesan.

I could have easily given my dish to someone else and told them that I made it from scratch, because they would have believed me completely. The dish tasted like it was completely homemade. There was a perfect balance of flavors and the dish was simply comfort food at its finest.

If ever you head over to Village Grocer for some grocery shopping - and if you are non-Muslim, be sure to check out La Cuisine at the non-halal section of the grocery store. La Cuisine's Beef Mushroom is a cost-effective and time saving product, from which you can make good food, and I assure you will not be disappointed.

Packaging: 5/10

Overall Taste: 7/10

Money Value: 6/10

General Impression: 7/10





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