Breakfast Promo at Delifrance

I love nothing more than a good breakfast to start off my day. When I was told by my mother that Delifrance was having a monthly promotion, I insisted on following her to work the very next day to try it. The outlet I went to is situated right next to McDonalds at Plaza Mont Kiara, along Jalan Kiara.

At first glance, the promotion seemed truly special. There were a good variety of breakfast sets, priced incredibly reasonably - which were available until 11am. After a bit of thought, I settled on the Le Sunrise Breakfast Set at RM4.50.

The Le Sunrise set consisted of a bullseye egg, two chicken sausages, a croissant and the most random item on the plate - a serving of mash potatoes. This was accompanied with a cup of tea, or long black coffee. I was hoping my bullseye had a runny yolk, but I was left disappointed as it was completely dry and cooked through. The sausages on the other hand, were actually amazing. They were juicy, succulent and flavorful - everything a good sausage should be.

The croissant was soft and warm, being freshly baked - but it did not come with jam!

They had served me butter with it, but not jam. This had taken me aback and when I had asked for some jam, I was not attended to at all. How disrespectful.

I do not know who gave Delifrance the idea to include mash and gravy for breakfast, but I feel Delifrance should remove this from their sets as soon as possible. The potatoes I had, together with the gravy, tasted unbearable as it was quite sour for me. What were they thinking, seriously?

On the whole, I must admit that the price offered for the set above is truly of great value, and I would highly recommend you give this promotion a try before it ends. This is the first time in ages that I've tried the food at Delifrance, as I would usually go there for drinks instead. After this visit, I shall continue to go there for drinks and avoid the food. Their coffees are especially great, maybe with a pastry or two, but I would refrain from ordering the main meals on the Delifrance menu.

Presentation: 3/10

Ambiance: 4/10

Service: 2/10

Overall Taste: 4/10

General Impression: 5/10





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