Clear at Plaza M.Kiara

A lot of people, now knowing that I review food, have begun to depend on me in choosing restaurants for them whenever we go out to eat. Now again, another friend got me to choose our restaurant when we were chilling in Plaza Mont Kiara one Friday afternoon.

After contemplating for about a minute, I came to the conclusion that we were to dine at Clear, a restaurant right next to Starbucks and right opposite Secret Recipe, facing the fountain at the Mont Kiara Plaza, along Jalan Kiara.

Seeing as it was within our budget, both of us opted to try the Set Lunch worth RM 14.50, which came with a soup, a choice of main course, a scoop of ice cream along with a glass of Iced Lemon Tea. An incredibly reasonable set I must say.

The soup of the day was Tomato Soup, served in a bowl of reasonable size, along with a slice of bread. It seemed to me that the soup was home-made, but made a few days ago and kept in the fridge until it could be heated up again - though it was a lot better than what Campbell has in their cans. It tasted more authentic, but slightly sour for my taste.

My friend chose the grilled Lamb Shank on a Bed of Potatoes and Salad with Balsamic Dressing. I was quite surprised to find a lamb dish as one of the mains on a set menu worth RM14.50, though from the way my friend was cutting the meat, I came to the conclusion that not the most tender piece of meat was served.

My main course on the other hand, Spaghetti with Chicken Sausages served with a Spicy Tomato Sauce, was truly an amazing one. The thought of serving chicken sausages with spaghetti did not seem appealing at first, but I fell completely in love with it upon tasting it.

The subtle flavour of the sauce, saussages and the grated cheese on top complemented each other almost perfectly. The spiciness of the dish added a nice kick to it too. It was so good, that I'm even having a craving for it right now. I did not check to see if that particular dish was on their a la carte menu - but if it is, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Our desert was nothing fancy, just a single scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream topped with Chocolate Syrup. The ice cream tasted like ice cream which you could buy in big tubs - and it tasted really sweet. The chocolate sauce made it even sweeter, but I finished all of it anyway. I also took note that they served it on a plate, making it quite hard to eat.

I would actually highly recommend that you try Clear. Though the soup and ice cream were not the best soup and ice cream around, the main course I had simply blew my mind. Plus, the outside sitting area of the restaurant provides a nice atmosphere for discussion - with a lovely view of the fountain and courtyard of Plaza Mont Kiara.

Presentation: 6/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Service: 6/10

Overall Taste: 7/10

General Impression: 7/10





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