India - Day 6


Breakfast was held at some hotel in Thiruvanamalai. This hotel, is popular with the locals who go there after after prayers in their temple. I had a Ghee Dosa with Dhall, Coriander Chutney, Coconut Chutney and Tomato Chutney. In comparison with the breakfast I had at Karaikal on Day 3, this was just as big (though not as salty) and piping hot

Breakfast was accompanied by their Indian Coffee. There is a charm to Indian Coffee that intrigues me. The small cups, the frothy milk, the sweetness of it all; Its wonderful.


Teatime was rich in symbolism, as we ate at the childhood home of my grandpa; situated at his village called Athipakam. The house, still owned by distant relatives, is in the middle of nowhere - surrounded by the very groundnut fields my forefathers toiled on. The family living there still continue the tradition. For tea, we had sweet, Floury Balls with Groundnuts inside - food rich in symbolism, as they were the very things my forefathers ate while here.


Dinner was held at the elegant Le Dupleix Hotel, though the elegance proved misleading. Read the review HERE.



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