India - Day 7


Lunch was held at home, in my grand aunt's house. She had been working on the food since morning, and once again, it was a feast for our stomachs, and for the senses. I ate quite a bit, as I skipped breakfast.

We had Mutton Biryani as our primary dish. There was an abundance of tender meat, which flavoured the rice - which also contained traces of cardamom and clove. Another side dish was the Onion Raita, which balanced all the spices. We also had Diced Celery with Mayonnaise - though not exactly Indian in nature, it added a dimension of sweetness to our meal.

This plate was accompanied with Mutton Chops - tender pieces of mutton, coated and deep-fried with a spicy batter. We also had Sautéed Capsicum with Onions. Once again, not exactly an 'Indian' dish, though the softness of the capsicums contrasted the crispness of the chops.


We visited a cafe on Rue de la Bussy, called Bakers Street. Read about it HERE.


Snacks were at Risque, at the famous Promenade Hotel, Pondicherry. Read about it HERE.



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