My Food Diaries - India, Day 3


On our way to the pilgrimage site of Vellankani, we stopped at the town of Karaikal to have breakfast at a restaurant named Tasty (I know, very original), located in Hotel Paris (once again, very original) along the Karaikal Main Road.

I had myself a Ghee Dosa, and indeed - it was the largest dosa I have ever had. The dosa (which spanned about the length of my arm) was unfortunately quite salty in comparison to what I'm used to, and lacked ghee (Indian butter).

It was very filling, however, and the servings of Tomato Chutney, Coconut Chutney and Dhall Curry were quite tasty, though they were no match in comparison to the chutney my grand-aunt makes.

My breakfast was also accompanied with some Indian Coffee. The coffee, though a hit with my grandpa, was too weak for me, and to be honest - tasted like sweetened, boiled milk. It was pleasant, though had no hint of coffee whatsoever.


For Lunch, I took my grandparents for Indian food at a restaurant called Caravela. Please read the review HERE.



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