My Food Diaries - India, Day 2


For breakfast, I had Appam with Tomato Chutney. The Appam was sweet, soft and fluffy - qualities which are rare with the appams back home. The sweetness of the appam contrasted with the saltiness of the chutney. As for the chutney, the coconut added a depth of flavor whilst the green chillies added much needed spice.

As usual, breakfast here was served with some slices of amazingly sweet Indian Mango, and a glass of Indian Coffee with Fresh Cows-milk. Breakfast of a maharaja yet again.


My grand-aunt prepared a sumptuous feast for the senses. Each dish provided them with different colors, textures and tastes. The Vegetable Biryani was subtle in flavor, yet contained hints of star-anise and coriander.

The Chicken Kurma (not pictured) was filled with chicken slices that literally came off the bone - having been cooked to perfection. The kurma was also subtle in flavor yet enough to complement the rice, rather than overpower it.

We also had Chicken 65 (blurred in the foreground) which contained juicy pieces of chicken, marinated in turmeric and chili powder, deep-fried till crisp and hot. The dish puts KFC to shame.

In the middle, was my portion of Beetroot Salad with onion, boiled egg and sweetened yogurt. The juice of the beetroot gave the dish a nice pink hue which contrasted with the rice and chicken. The dish was very cooling, perfect in the hot Indian weather.

To complement our meal, we had Rassam, a sort of Indian soup, flavored with Tamarind and black pepper. Though it was piping hot, it was incredibly refreshing for me, and I drank quite a bit of it.



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