My Food Diaries - India, Day 1


My beloved grand-aunt prepared fresh Idli with a twist. This unusual rendition of the ever-famous Idli was served with Tomato Chutney. The idli flour was sweetened with sugar and topped with chick-peas and desiccated coconut. The combination of idli and chutney saw a perfect marriage of sweet and salty.

My breakfast was complemented with honey-sweet Mangoes and Coffee with Fresh Cow-milk (not pictured). Now I guess, this is the perfect example of the ultimate Indian breakfast.


Upon visiting some distant relatives for lunch, we were served a feast on banana leaves - similar to what you'd get at Nirwana Maju, though a million times better.

The Biryani Rice was was full of flavor, though subtle enough so as to not overpower the other condiments on our leaf. The chicken in the biryani was so tender that it immediately came off the bone.

The Chicken Curry was flavored with cardamom, cloves and star anise. Personally, the amount of spices this dish contained was too much for me to handle, though I pulled through, eating the dish in the hot, open-air dining room.

The Yogurt with Onions was a nice breeze of fresh air, despite the air itself being as still, hot and humid as ever. The yogurt was incredibly fresh and tasted nothing like the yogurt you get at supermarkets. I gobbled much of it down in an instant.

The Pickled Vegetables gave our palates a nice kick. The sweet and sour tamarind based marinade was a great accompaniment to the rice that we had.

At the very top, the Stir Fried Okra with Desiccated Coconut was a dish I had never tried before. The coconut gave the dish much of it's flavor, and the texture of the okra contrasted with much of the other dishes.

This spread was accompanied with some Jackfruit, a Banana and a slice of that honey-sweet Indian Mango. We also were served Mango Juice as we ate (not pictured). Indeed…mangoes galore.



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