An Irish fare at Malones

Authentic Irish food is something that I've desperately tried to find, here in KL. Whilst in KLCC, my mother and I stumbled upon an Irish restaurant by the name of Malones, and decided to give it a try. Malones is situated on the Ground Floor, right beside The Appartment - facing the water-fountains in KLCC.

The restaurant's interior is filled with dark, wooden furniture, green chairs and antique lamps - in order to give its customers that old, English pub-like vibe. Even its outdoor seating area gave us the exact same feeling.

We ordered Sausage on Colcannon and Guinness Onion Gravy, worth RM 29. The lukewarm sausages consisted of Jumbo Chicken Sausages and Steamed Veal Bratwursts, while the colcannon, butter-filled mashed potatoes with cabbage and spring onion, was dsmooth and divine. The subtle sweetness of the sauce added extra flavour

We were also in the mood for some Irish stew, thus ordering the Guinness Beef Stew worth RM29 too. The beef cubes were surprisingly tough, though the root vegetables were soft, and the sauce was flavourful. The bread served, on the other hand, was very stale.

On the whole, I felt that Malones could have offered better quality food, especially when considering the price that we had to pay for the above dishes. Though the waiters were incredibly attentive and nice, and we were served our food promptly. I wouldn't grumble if I had to come to this place once again, though I wouldn't have high expectations from my next visit either.

Presentation: 5/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Service: 7/10

Overall Taste: 5/10

General Impression: 5/10





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