Segambut's Ho Ho Steamboat

Quite recently, my mum and dad have had an obsession with all things healthy, and we stumbled across Ho Ho Steamboat when looking for a place to eat in Segambut, late at night. Ho Ho Steamboat, is a bungalow-turned-restaurant, the 67th one, along Jalan Segambut just before it leads to Ipoh Road.

As there were three of us, we opted for the Set for 2, worth RM14.50. This set consisted of a variety of ingredients that would be boiled in flavoured soup, a sort of Asian version of a fondue. We were given a choice of two soups to choose from, these being a Tom Yam flavoured soup, and a clear broth.

The Tom Yam flavoured Soup was a nice tangy soup, that was not overly spicy but nice and warm - the perfect thing to have on a cold, rainy day. The 'Original' flavoured Soup was simple, and brings out the flavour in the ingredients. If I were you, I would recommend a mixture of the two, so that you can taste the individual flavours of the ingredients, but still have that Tom Yam flavour for an extra 'edge'.

The plate of ingredients consisted of a variety of 'stuff', such as Foo Chok, Taro Slices, Dumplings with a Pork Filling, Tofu Cubes, Prawns and Quail's Eggs - among many other things. Though they may seem like a lot on a plate, chances are you will not feel full at the end of it - due to the fact that these ingredients are quite light on your tummy.

The Set for 2 also consists of a plate of vegetables - in this case, Chinese Cabbage and Raw Lettuce. These are to be added into the steam-boat pot, following the ingredients. The result of the vegetable's texture ultimately depends on how long you intend on boiling them for - they might turn out crisp, or soft.

Lastly, the Set for 2 contains two types of noodles, thin Rice-Based Noodles and thicker Egg-Based Noodles, with some Sesame Oil and an Egg, meant to act as a thickener for the soup. I am personally not a fan of the thin, white noodles, but the thick noodles and the soup go wonderfully together. So simple, yet so flavourful.

As a side dish, we ordered Deep Fried Pork Dumplings. The minced pork filling was succulent and enclosed in a crisp, deep friend won-ton sheet. I highly recommend you try this as an appetiser if you decide on coming here.

I was quite impressed with this establishment, and I understand from their website (linked in with the post's title), that their establishment in Segambut is one of many throughout KL and Selangor. Do give this place a try if you're looking for something simple, delicious and healthy - at a reasonable price.

Presentation: 3/10

Ambiance: 3/10

Service: 7/10

Overall Taste: 8/10

General Impression: 7/10





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