G3 Kitchen and Bar

My friend and I stumbled upon G3 last week while scouring Bangsar for a place to dine. G3 is a relatively new establishment is located smack in the centre of Bangsar Baru, on the same row as Alexis along Jalan Telawi 3.

I found the interior rather chic, and the jazzy renditions of hit songs such as Michael Jackson's Thriller were a wonderful accompaniment. Apart from selling food, G3 also sells products such as pasta, sauces, chocolate powder and different flavoured beers. We were very hungry and in the mood to eat as soon as possible, but the extremely slow service really got us worked up.

The food eventually came in the end, with our Roasted Pumpkin served with Almond Flakes, Feta Cheese and Garden Salad worth RM 20,being the first to arrive. The dish was wonderfully presented, with a large piece of grilled pumpkin acting as the centrepiece. The pumpkin was cooked on one side and slightly raw on the other. There wasn't any almond flakes, though there were chickpeas in its place. The crisp salad with pesto provided for a nice addition to the dish.

Next up was our Deli Sandwich with Turkey Ham, Avocado Aioli and Cheddar Cheese, worth RM 17. The sandwich contained a lot of meat in a warm toasted bread, with the meat, cheese and aioli calling for a marriage made in heaven. The sandwich was accompanied with a helping of amazingly fluffy chips and some simple greens.
As a dessert, we placed an order for a Raspberry Crème Brûlée worth RM 7. Though the dessert took quite some time to arrive, the smell of caramelised sugar filled the air of the restaurant while they were blowtorching the dish, which tantalised our tastebuds. The dish was phenomenal, with the crispness of the surface, creaminess of the filling and tartness of the raspberries providing a myriad of flavours and textures to the dish.

Still hungry, we ordered a Chocolate Truffle Torte worth RM 7. The dish took quite some time to arrive, and the chocolate seemed more like syrup than that of a chocolate truffle. Despite that, the dish tasted swell, with the orange and the chocolate forming the ideal combination, as odd as that combo sounds.

As a whole I was really impressed with this new establishment. G3 served us great tasting food, of a reasonable quality, for a reasonable price. The only point of contention for the restaurant is that it needs to buck up on its service if they intend on surviving because in Bangsar, nobody likes slow food.

Presentation: 8/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Service: 5/10

Overall Taste: 7/10

General Impression: 7/10





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