Lunch @ the Brussels Beer Cafe

I was told by my cousin that the Brussels Beer Cafe in Jaya One had a really good set lunch which I should try, and so I did. The last time I was there for the set lunch - it had run out. This time around, there was barely anyone, so I took the opportunity to dine there. The set is priced at RM15 Nett and consists of a drink, a choice of two main courses and a free flow of salad at the buffet counter.

As a main course, I opted for the roast lamb on roasted potatoes topped with a homemade mint sauce. The bones in the lamb cuts made it hard to cut. Furthermore, the lamb was a bit tough, though the mint sauce complemented the meat really well. The potatoes were a bit soft and the dish was served really quickly, and was cold - which made me question the fact if it was just cooked.

The buffet counter had limited options, but on the whole, the items that were served were of high quality and tasted good.

The potato salad tasted great. The mayonnaise didn’t overpower the potato (which was cooked well through) but brought out its flavours, though the potato salad would have tasted better had it been flavoured with herbs like dill or chives. The coleslaw was good, with the right amount of veg and sauce, but the vegetable slices were a bit too big for my liking.

The salad leaves tasted crisp and looked fresh, however the dressing (Italian, Caesar and Thousand Island) seemed like it had come from a bottle. The fruits were fresh too, and did not taste old or soggy at all.

On the whole, I really think this set lunch is a bargain at RM15. I ate to my heart’s content and was satisfied at with the end result. Furthermore, the waitresses there were really friendly – always smiling and even asking me to hit the buffet counter again (even after having gone five times before).

If you’re at Jaya One during lunch hours, I suggest that you take Brussels Beer Cafe into consideration, because its definitely worth a try.

Presentation: 4/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 8/10

Overall Taste: 6/10

Generall Impression: 7/10





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