There's always Plan B

My mother and I often patronise Plan B when in the mood for a quick coffee break. Their reasonably priced, aromatic cups of coffee are the perfect accompaniment with a book, or while watching the world go by.

Though a few days ago, my mum and I decided to try some of the food they had to offer. Plan B is located right next to Starbucks, on the Ground Floor of Bangsar Village, facing Jalan Telawi 1. Do take note, that Plan B is immensely packed at peak hours - so make a reservation or you might be turned away.

You won't have to worry about running dry at Plan B. Each table is provided with a big jar of water, which will keep you going till the end of your meal. Furthermore, despite having a food menu which is 'halal' in nature, they serve alcohol to accompany your food.

My mum ordered herself Moroccan Meatballs with Mint Yoghurt, worth RM15. Though a starter, this dish was big enough a portion to have been considered a main course. The tangy sauce and yoghurt mix was the perfect accompaniment to the large, succulent meatballs and crisp bread.

I ordered myself the Spicy Crabmeat Linguine, worth RM19. The pasta al-dente, and was scented with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Mixed in were pieces of tomato and crabmeat, though not in abundance. The pasta was also dressed with spiced prawn oil, though I could not taste it due to the overpowering scent of the lemongrass and lime leaves.

On the whole, I felt that Plan B did offer some interesting stuff on their menu, and what we had did taste good, though not fantastic. Furthermore, the service was rather slow, and the place was overcrowded. Maybe my mum and I would rather stick to their coffees for now, though feel free to eat there if you wish to try it yourselves.

Presentation: 7/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Service: 5/10

Overall Taste: 7/10

General Impression: 6.5/10





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