Petaling Jaya's Thai Corner

My family visits Petaling Jaya once in a blue moon. Two weeks ago, we found ourselves there yet again, after having paid a visit to Assunta Hospital. As we were on our way home, we happened to notice a bright sign that said Thai Corner while driving. We unanimously decided that this would be our restaurant of choice for dinner.

Thai Corner is a quaint Thai restaurant, situated along Jalan Yong Shook Lin, right opposite the MBPJ Office and the Petaling Jaya Civic Hall. The atmosphere was rather simple - not your Basil or Sri Ayutthaya, though the location was seemingly rather dingy during the night. We were served simple peanuts, while waiting for our food.

The first dish to arrive was our Seafood Tom Yam Soup worth RM16. This dish was sufficient enough to feed 4 people, though only my parents ate it due to its immense spiciness. The soup was flavourful and aromatic, though the squid and shrimp were incredibly tough and dry, respectively.

Next to arrive was the Fried Four Angle Bean with Shrimp Paste, worth RM10. This dish was value for money, and the beans were nice and crunchy, with the shrimp paste really bringing out the flavours.

The Steamed Fish with Assam Curry came next. Prices of this dish change, depending on how heavy your fish is. The fish that we had was rather soft and succulent, though the sauce was nothing to shout about, and it lacked the 'twang' that tamarinds have.

We ordered the Thai Green Curry with Chicken, worth RM13. This dish was a complete disappointment. Much of the chicken pieces contained plenty of fat, and the dish seemed rather artificial, to the extent that it may have been coloured by green food colouring. It lacked in any flavour whatsoever, and had a consistency to that of water. Two thumbs down.

The Thai Style Omelette was a disappointment too, as it was simply minced chicken with dark soy sauce, wrapped in a bland, flavourless egg. The portion was rather measly as well. Just as the Green Curry, I did not like this dish either.

On the whole, Thai Corner gives you what you pay for. The prices may be cheap but you forgo ambiance and the quality of food. Fair enough, some of the dishes were good, but if a Thai restaurant is not able to master a signature Thai dish like Green Curry, then you know the restaurant is not one to shout about.

Presentation: 3/10

Ambiance: 4/10

Service: 4/10

Overall Taste: 4/10

General Impression: 4/10





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