A light Indian Dinner @ Aryan

It had been a long time since my mum and I tried Indian food, and so while my dad was having a meeting nearby, both of us decided to try an Indian restaurant named Aryan, located on the first floor of the Weld Shopping Center on Jalan Raja Chulan - right in the heart of the busy city.

The restaurant featured both an indoor seating area and an outdoor balcony. We decided to sit on the outdoor balcony, which had a wonderful view that overlooked the Jalan P.Ramlee and Jalan Raja Chulan intersection. The interior of the restaurant featured contemporary decor, but with an Indian twist.

You could opt to try their dinner buffet worth RM30, but my mother and I decided to order off the a la care menu instead. As an appetiser, we were served complementary Poppadoms with Condiments. The poppadoms looked like they had just come out of the frier and were nice, crisp and hot. The condiments too were unique, with the mint paste and yoghurt adding a refreshing twist, and the sweet chilly paste added a nice kick.

We were served Kashmiri Pulau, priced at RM14.90. The pulau contained a whole lot of condiments, such as green beans, raisins, cauliflower and mango. Upon tasting the dish, the raisins and mango added a nice sweet touch to it, but the rice was loaded with butter, and became too rich for us in the end.

We were then served our Butter Chicken worth RM22.90. The dish was very rich in flavour, due to the amount of butter and cream added to it. This reduced the spiciness of the dish, which had a slightly sour hint to it, and it complemented the rice wonderfully. The chicken pieces were small bitesize ones, which were tender and present in abundance.

Then we were served Palak Paneer worth RM15.90, which is essentially Indian curd cheese in a spinach curry. The spinach tasted wonderful, and was not spicy in any way - spinach haters would be willing to eat this, as it doesn't taste like spinach at all. Though, the goats cheese wasn't well formed - and when we asked them if it was spoilt, they acknowledged that the cheese wasn't matured yet, as they prepare the cheese fresh in the kitchen. An honest attempt at making things fresh, but a failed one nonetheless.

Lastly, to complement our meal, we ordered the Mixed Raita worth RM6.90. Though the portion of the raita was large, the raita was simply way too salty for us, despite the fact that there was a reasonable amount of content in it.

On the whole, our trip to Aryan was satisfactory, though we were not completely impressed. The waiters there had a hard time communicating with us, and that became really stressful for both my mother and I. The food tasted alright, but there are many more Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that serve better and more authentic Indian food - and at a much cheaper price too.

Presentation: 5/10

Ambiance: 6/10

Service: 5/10

Overall Taste: 5/10

General Impression: 5/10





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