Lunch @ Saravana Bhavan, Chennai

For lunch, we visited the main branch of the world renowned Saravana Bhavan restaurant chain. After having waited a good 20 minutes, we were finally allowed into the noisy, bustling restaurant filled with the clanging of metal plates and chit-chatter of patrons. An experience in itself.

As you can see, we were fortunate to get a table to ourselves - which usually isn't the case due to the fact that the restaurant is packed. It was interesting to see how the waiters took our orders on their fancy little palm-tops. 

My grandparents had themselves a Rice Medley (not actual name). An interesting carbo-filled lunch consisting of a variety of different rices such as sambhar rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, yogurt rice, banana chips and a bowl of ghee. Tasting spoonfuls of rice from each compartment took me on a journey of flavours, from the sour to the salty, to the sweet. Behold, an experience in itself.

My Set Meal was huge enough to be eaten by two people. This set consisting of two types of yogurt, banana chips, various curries, sauteed okra, a cup of lemon rice, various chutneys, a helping of ghee, and some Indian sweets to end it off was just too much for my senses. Eating the meal seemed like a daunting task, both for my appetite and mentally. Delicious, though eat at your own risk.

Saravana Bhavan is definitely worth a visit, as the experience was phenomenal, and the food was rather good - though I did feel my set meal was far too elaborate for my tastes. Though do bear in mind that you will have to wait quite sometime to get a place, which most likely - will probably be with some random person you have never met before.

Presentation: 5/10

Ambiance: 4/10

Service: 5/10

Overall Taste: 7/10

General Impression: 6.6/10





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